TNT News | July 31, 2018

The repercussions of NRC draft published in Assam yesterday is having its spill over effects in bordering states and Meghalaya is certainly one of them. Not even a day after the NRC draft was published, reports of infiltration have begun to emerge from Assam’s neighboring state Meghalaya.

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In order to check influx, Meghalaya’s Khasi Student’s Union (KSU) has set up infiltration check gates in various check points at Ri bhoi, East Jaintia Hills and West Khasi Hills. It was also informed that trucks were apprehended from these places and hundreds of outsiders were held at these check points. The KSU claimed that over 1000 immigrants have been apprehended in just one day

Speaking to TNT- The Northeast Today, Khasi Students Union (KSU) General Secretary Donald Thabah informed, “After the NRC list was published yesterday by the government of Assam, it has come into our knowledge that around 40 lakh residents will be losing their Indian citizenship. The KSU is apprehensive regarding this as Meghalaya shares a border of almost 900 kilometers with Assam and added to that, we are not even armed with appropriate mechanisms to tackle influx”.

He also added, “Although the District Administration has also issued an alert given the fact that there might be a spill over effect in Meghalaya following the NRC draft publication, the KSU will not take any chances pertaining to this issue. From today  morning itself, KSU members from West Khasi Hills, Ri-Bhoi district as well as Jaintia Hills have set up infiltration check gates at Athiabari, West Khasi Hills, 20 mer in Ri Bhoi District and Ratacherra in East Jaintia Hills”.

When asked about detection of cases related to infiltration, Thabah informed, “Although we do not have accurate details of how many persons have been detained in Athiabari due to network connectivity issues. The District Administration in RiBhoi had initially disallowed KSU to set up check gates but later an agreement was reached so as to deploy members of KSU along with police at the check gates for inspection purposes set up by the administration to check vehicles and people arriving at Meghalaya border.

As per KSU’s statement, in Ri Bhoi District, more than 100 immigrants have been detected so far. Checking is still going on in Jaintia Hills and around more than 1000 immigrants tried to enter the border of Meghalaya from Barak Valley.

As per Donald, information was received that they ware seen arriving in trucks in large numbers. Donald also asserted that KSU will not allow Meghalaya to turn into the next Assam.



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