From Our Correspondent | SHILLONG, October 30, 2018

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong has alleged that the leader of opposition Dr Mukul Sangma is trying to protect his “blue-eyed officers” by constantly raising the issue of transfer of officers by the MDA government.

“It seems that there are some officers whom he is closely connected with Dr Mukul. Just for the sake to protect his “blue eyed boys”, he (leader of opposition) is raising this issue of transferring of officers,” Tynsong said while talking to reporters here on Monday.

While maintaining that the transferring of the officers is a normal procedure, he said that there has been no reports on the dislocation of any work in view of the transfer of the officers effected by this government.

“I just want to ask where is the dislocation when the transfer is being done,” Tynsong asked.

The Deputy chief minister added that Sangma should understand the need to transfer the officers since he has been heading the government for eight years.

He further alleged that the leader of opposition is scared since his “blue-eyed officers” one day might be touched.

“It is not good for the leader of opposition to behave in this way It will be good if he just mentioned personally to me or the Chief Minister to please keep these few people in the same place. He should have said that,” the Deputy Chief Minister said.



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