Shillong | Nov 3, 2018: 

An award winning Khasi movie — Onaatah-Of the Earth, directed by national award winning filmmaker, Pradip Kurbah became the first Khasi movie to be streamed on American subscription-based streaming media service – Netflix.

The movie won the 63rd National award in the year 2016. Onaatah was also selected for Indian Panorama in 2016.

Onaatah is a tale of a young woman who is met with an act of violence which shattered her world. Seeking recovery, she retreats to a small village by the hills, where she finds hope, love and new purpose.

Kurbah informed that after they sold off the remake rights of Marathi and Hindi, the purchasers sold the same to Netflix. The whole process of getting the movie streamed on Netflix took more than 6 months.

While this film was the first National Award winning one for lead actress Sweety Jane Pala, Onaatah is the second such experience for lead actor Merlvin Jude Mukhim, who had also played the leading role in Ri.

This much acclaimed-movie has been streamed across the country and beyond like in Russia, France, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Kolkata, Kerala, Goa, Mumbai, Manipur, Assam, Nagaland, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Nepal.






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