By Mayborn Lyngdoh R | Feb 25, 2019:

In reminiscing the past, Meghalaya as a separate federal unit celebrated the dawn of a new era. Our fore-fathers who fought for us with their lives, diligently for years envisioned a better State that will cater to the needs of the indigenous population – better schools, better knowledge, better standards of living, better society and a better life in general for all of its indigenous federal citizens.

When the state was then carved out of the then composite state of Assam, great things were expected. The smart witted grand-nephew of the great U Tirot Sing Syiem himself, Rev. J.J.M Nichols Roy was the key architect of the ADC(s) Autonomous District Councils. He saw the danger and the immediate need to protect the indigenous population; the fruits of which we are anchored as lords in our own lands, while still under Assam.

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Then came 21st January 1972, and when we thought things are only going to get better, irony made way. Since then hence, things were only downward sloping. Plague with corruption, and the tools to corruption funded by the National Parties, our very existence is now threatened.

Corruption on the one side and the poor qualification of the local ministers and MLA(s) on the other has paved way for shrewd megalomaniacs to dictate this state. As a state, we are suffering big time. It’s the worst in forty-four years.  With the technical and technological advancement, instead of moving forward, we are turning back into the stone-age with every passing generation.

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According to the Department of Education, cumulatively, there are a total number of 152 schools and 63 colleges in the state. The number of graduates and post-graduates are multiplying year after year and the jobs created by the Government is only getting lesser and lesser. WHERE DO WE GO?

While the qualification of the common man is on the rise, the irony is that the Public offices are being filled with elected illiterates that are making way for thousands of illiterates constituting friends, relatives and campaigning comrades. It’s not surprising to see followers and dalals landing a job after the success of their candidates.

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While the Congress Government was plaque with scams, the MDA Government is the worst form of ill qualified composition of ministers formed in decades.

According to the statistics of the qualifications of the various MLA(s) and Ministers is a really sad sight to witness. Twenty out of the sixty candidates who emerged victorious have a bench-mark of standard Viii – Xii. Seventeen of them out of the thirty constitute the MDA. Not surprisingly, most of whom belong to the NPP with two bearing criminal records from the same (NPP).

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By the above statistics, I do not mean to offend or condescend anyone but let’s face facts, we, the youths are growing desperate day by day. It is shameful that a minister would advice youths to seek for jobs outside the state. I do not even want to consider the myriad cases of nepotism that persists.

The voter’s mind-set:

Voters in Meghalaya, in particular Khasi voters are very narrow-minded. They are easily mislead, cheap – can be easily bought, irritable, jealous, selfish, complacent, uninformed but knows everything. They are probably the finest when it comes to misleading a sea of uninformed and misinformed voters who will again lead to another sea of the same and the story goes on. The Khasi voters are also very sensitive and judgemental. As long as their private interests are taken care, they use the phase, “Uto te uba bha shaba palat” (There is no other person as kind as him) but when their personal interest is replaced by the interests of the constituency and the society as a whole, they are quickly angered. This is the reason why, representatives of the National Parties are finding success easier when compared to the Regional parties.

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We have lost so many of our abled leaders because of this. Ardent Basaiawmoit, Jemino Mawthoh and Paul Lyngdoh’s defeats could be termed as the biggest loss to the state as a whole, in particular to the Khasi Community. They were replaced by mute spectators who were more interested in anchoring their business than politics.

The Minister’s mindset:

Most of the Khasi representatives are the biggest crabs you can ever find. They would rather serve a stranger rather than ruling together with one of their own rule. While the Khasi representatives are busy debating who should become Chief Minister, in Garo Hills, the finest politics is being played. Mukul Sangma contests from two constituencies and wins in both, making way for his daughter, Miani Shira from Ampati while Agatha Sangma sacrifices her South Tura constituency to make way for her brother preparing to cement his Chief Minister’s throne. The Sangma siblings knew very well, if the latter contested from Ampati, Miani Shira would embarrass him in her father’s fortress. The Khasis should learn about teamwork from the Garos.

I greatly admire the Garos for their integrity. The Garos would vote for either NPP or Congress. This also shows the integrity of the representatives. You either go for right or left. In the Khasi (Khynriam, Pnar, Bhoi, War) dominating Districts, there is not a tinge of integrity. Be in on the part of the lustful megalomaniacs, or the greedy voters. Talking in terms of the major regional political parties, UDP, HSPDP, KHNAM and PDF. Why do we need four when they all claim to serve one purpose, that is, “Ban shakri iaka jaitbynriew” (to serve the people). My question is, serve the people or yourselves?

And when it comes to the voters, we vote for everyone, Congress, BJP, NPP, UDP, HSPDP, KHNAM, PDF and others – “Whoever can pay us more money” or “Whoever can give my son/daughter a government job” even if they are not qualified. (Kwah beit da i kam sorkar!)

Do you see UDP, HSPDP, KHNAM and PDF in Garo Hills?

Pressure Group Leaders:

Then comes, the Pressure Group leaders, whom I uphold with great respect until one after the other are engulfed by an ultimate aim to become a political leader. The ideology to serve is something I revere and respect, and would not dare question their integrity, however let’s be realistic here – not everyone can become a political leader. The moment one’s mind is shadowed with an objective that is quite out of reach, the perception first turns blurry then ugly.

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The vision of a Pressure Group leader is often lost in the bog of politics, and political aspirations. The transition has not been very accommodating to the people. Maybe because they lose sight, another is because the load is too much to carry and last but not the least they’re unqualified. Soldiers are most purposeful on the battlefield. If soldiers become complacent to aspire the comfort of a chair, they become meaningless and blunt. Failure to understand the administrative model, they become mere puppets stringed to the left and then to the right. We do however need generals to overthrow a tyrant. We need generals to lead, but that does not mean every soldier should become a general. And generals under the uniform of a National Party are already a lost cause of hope. They may claim to wear the uniform to strengthen their voice for ILP, but did you know neither Conrad Sangma nor Mukul Sangma will implement ILP. They are mere puppets stringed from Delhi. The former under BJP while the latter under Congress.  BJP tried to forcefully implement the CAB in 2018, while Congress has been trying to do the same since 1947.

Hence, the dreams and visions of our forefathers for a united Jaidbynriew is gradually diminishing and has somehow fallen prey to political genocide.

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