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Will Meghalaya’s learners be future-ready if rural school conditions continue to be neglected?

By Our Correspondent 

Tura, April 25, 2018: Despite Meghalaya being one of the most popular education hubs in the North-east, most schools in the rural areas witness a different reality altogether. In most cases, such schools lack basic amenities and infrastructure required for their proper functioning. This is the case in a school located in the town of Phulbari in West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya.

The discouraging revelation came about after a press release by the Achik Youth Council (AYC) on the deplorable state of the Shyamnagar Government LP School after a recent visit to the school.

The school, which caters to huge number of primary students from nearby localities, has a roof that has more than 100 leaks rendering education during rainy days absolutely impossible.

“How can they study in this state when basic facilities like desks, benches and a roof are all just talk? The children of Garo Hills deserve better than this and if we want to project ourselves as a state caring for its education, these kinds of things have to improve,” said member of AYC, Maxbirth G Momin.

The NGO, on Tuesday, submitted a complaint to the the Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills seeking immediate repair of the said school for the benefit of the student community as well as to instill confidence in the students that the state cares for its residents.

“During the recent hailstorm on Mar 30 2018, the roof got damaged leading to more than a 100 holes in the roof. Meanwhile the state of the benches and desks are pathetic. The environment is not conducive to good education,” added Maxbirth.

The AGS of AYC further asked the office of the DC to inspect the said school and address the needs of the school as early as possible.

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Govt asks Japan-based agency to conduct study on traffic congestion in Shillong

By Our Reporter, Shillong News | Shillong, Apr 24, 2018:
As Shillong traffic snarls continue to become a nightmare and a cause of annoyance for many, the government on Tuesday is undertaking a new venture to find a solution to the problem and adopt strategies to curb this menace.

12-yr-old girl raped by brother-in-law in North Garo Hills

From Our Correspondent, Shillong News | Tura, April 24, 2018: 

Yet another case of crime against children has been reported in the state when a 12 year old girl was allegedly raped by her brother-in-law on April 20 in the village of Jambal in North Garo Hills under the jurisdiction of the Kharkutta PS.

How effective is the ‘cure’ to treat drug addiction?

By Ibankyntiew Mawrie, Shillong News | Shillong, April 24, 2018:

When drug addiction gets the better of our youths, then judgmental behaviour gets the better of our society. As a society, we often consider drug addiction as a criminal offence but experts, have time and again, maintained that ‘Addiction is not a crime but a disease which can be cured’.

BLOG | Meghalaya: Are people becoming lazy due to traffic in Shillong?

By Priya Paul | April 24, 2018

Shillong’s traffic snarl can leave cars crawling- making it almost faster to walk than drive

Meghalaya being one of the tiny hill state in India has witnessed a surge in the traffic flow over the years. Nothing comforting has come from the Government in solving this menace.

The existing traffic scenario has helped one and all to be lazy, to avoid meetings, to be late for college, etc with the universally accepted reason of “a bad traffic”, which as a matter of fact, is true. The road in Polo Bazar in Shillong is jammed every morning and evening that it has become an inevitable feature of the place.

Have we ever spared some time to think about the monstrous traffic and how easy lives would be if one day the government intervenes and takes an exceptional stand to curb the traffic menace? But that only sounds like a far-fetched dream!

About the contributor: Priya Paul is a student of of St. Anthony’s College, Shillong, Mass Media Dept. and can be reached at priyapaul2712@gmail.com

You can also contribute articles and opinions for our website by mailing them to us at web@thenortheasttoday.com and shweta@thenortheasttoday.com

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Shillong Street Art 2018- Because Art is not Vandalism!

By Shubham Bhowmick | April 24, 2018

Art has always been the subject of interpretation since its very inception. In accordance with the message that art portrays, it is further divided into various sub-groups or genres. And Shillong happens to be a city which hosts the most number of artists and their consequent art forms. From musicians, to painters, to writers; we got all the talents here in this vibrant city.

In recent years, the most popular form of emerging art form in the city happens to be graffiti. Although, the state government had tagged earlier graffiti as vandalism, it is starting to acknowledge this activity as an actual form of art in the recent years.

Graffiti has been a way for the young artists of the city to express their feelings towards the reality in which they have been living. There are some graffiti painted on the city walls, mostly in areas such as Laitumkhrah, Police Bazaar, and some of them seem worn out. In the earlier times, the wall-art seen around the city mostly hosts’ revolutionary expressions by a group called “the small axe”.

However an event called the Shillong Street Art Fest (SSAF) inspired artists from in and around the city to make art-oriented murals in the streets of Dhankheti and lower Lachumiere. It was an initiative with the primary goal of the artist, popularly known as Yantr in collaboration with other artists, in organizing the Shillong Street Art fest (SSAF) to bring the movement of public art to Shillong, North East India and open it to the global art scene. The SSAF was also co-organized by CSAC- Can’t stop Art and Craft.

Along with some artists from around the country, most of the murals that have been published in this article have been created by aspiring young artists from Shillong and from around the country. The mural of the boy and the plant which is present in Dhankheti streets for public display was painted by one of the first woman graffiti artist of India, and her name is Anpu Varkey. She is among the popular female graffiti artists of India and her signature graffiti happens to be a cat which can be seen in Shillong and different parts of the country she visited.

In the recent years, art has truly evolved from a very narrow range of genres to a wide variety of art forms- from modern to traditional. Each of these two aspects of art need to be preserved and encouraged through the masses. And graffiti being the most unconventional or raw form of art, it is rapidly rising as the most appreciated form of modern art.

About the contributor:  Shubham Bhowmick is a student of Mass Media department Department, St. Anthony’s College and can be reached at sbhowmick955@gmail.com

You can also contribute articles and opinions for our website by mailing them to us at web@thenortheasttoday.com and shweta@thenortheasttoday.com

We welcome your comments at web@thenortheasttoday.com

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