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Meghalaya: World’s longest sandstone cave discovered in Jaintia hills

MEGHALAYA, March 21, 2018: The world’s longest sandstone cave at 24,583 metres in length has been discovered in Meghalaya, the northeastern state known for its complex cave systems hidden under its undulating hills.

Shillong Bar Association urges HM to appoint new advocate general from Meghalaya itself

James Sangma
File photo

TNT Desk | SHILLONG, March 20, 2018:

A delegation of the Shillong Bar Association on Tuesday called upon Home Minister, James Sangma to appoint the new advocate general from the State itself.

Meghalaya: Garo Hills’ NGOs file complaint against trader for fraud

From Our Correspondent

Tura, Mar 20, 2018

NGOs of Garo Hills, including GSU, FKJGP, Association for Democracy and Empowerment (ADE) and Achik Youth Welfare Organization (AYWO) today filed a complaint against a trader for posing as a chartered accountant despite not being one.

The NGOs took the trader in question before handing him over to the authorities and filing a complaint against him for defrauding a local businessman as well as others from the town on the pretext of doing business with them.

Vivek Agarwal, a proprietor of GLR Pharmacy had been under the scanner of the NGOs for quite some time after complaints made to them of wrong doing.

“He was posing as a chartered accountant despite not being one. He was even able to convince a few doctors of being a CA and got work to audit books of a hospital. He was also using the modus operandi to pose with potential businessmen through partnerships before pushing them out of the firm and keeping the profits,” said FKJGP president, Pritam Marak.

The NGOs have sought a cancellation of the license of the pharmacy owned by Agarwal and his family and have written to the CEM of GHADC to take steps to ensure the same was done.

WGH police have also begun an inquiry into the matter after the case became known and are awaiting an FIR from the NGOs to act on the case.

“The indigenous partner in his business had invested a significant amount of money but was shut out from the business. All of them were supposed to get a share of the partnership but he was denied. When he sought to review the accounts (as it was being kept secret) a theft was staged and the computer and books allegedly stolen,” added Tengsak G Momin, the GSU president.

According to the NGOs, the profits were being parked in other bank accounts other than the one in the partnership.

“The harassment to an indigenous person, to the point of hustling him out of the business is very strongly looked down upon. We take serious cognizance of this insult,” added Tengsak.

On Agarwal posing as a CA, the NGOs stated that it was a case of fraud and cheating. “This perfidious person must be arrested and his firm shut down.

The NGOs made two demands in the case, asking first for the TNT of Agarwal to be cancelled as well as that of his family to be withdrawn as there were 3 TNTs for the same business and as such was illegal.

A source also added that a similar case had earlier been filed against Agarwal in Shillong.

The NGOs have further promised to fight the case until their demands were met.

Shed political differences to solve unemployment problem, echoes the house in unison

By Our Reporter, Shillong News | Shillong, March 20, 2018:

The legislators of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly on Tuesday dwelled at large on the problem of unemployment in the state and suggested various steps to curb this problem collectively irrespective of political affiliation.

Shillong News: Poll question of the week

March 20, 2018

Do you think the Governor's Hindi address in the Assembly was an imposition of a particular language on the House?

  • Yes, it was an imposition of one language (66%, 85 Votes)
  • No, language does not matter as long as what is conveyed is clear (34%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 129

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Shillong News: Reponse to last week’s poll question

March 20, 2018

Last week Shillongnews.com had asked you this question:

Do you think the NPP led coalition government can bring about a positive change or will it succumb to the differences within the government?

And the response has been overwhelming.

According to our poll results, 70 per cent of voters believe that NPP led coalition government can bring about a positive change

However, 30 per cent of our voters also feel that NPP led coalition will succumb to the differences within the government.

Vote and make your voices heard!

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