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BREAKING: Yet another IED recovered from Williamnagar

From Our Correspondent, Shillong News | Tura, Feb 20, 2018: 

Two days after NCP candidate from Williamnagar, Johnathone N Sangma was killed in an IED bomb attack along with 3 others, security forces on Tuesday morning recovered yet another IED from Ningmandal Gree Samanda block in Williamnagar which police suspects is the handiwork of the GNLA militants to sabotage the ensuing election in the state.

When Meghalaya politics is all about which family will triumph over the other!

By Our Reporter, Shillong News | Shillong, Feb 20, 2018: 

Dynastic politics might not be a new trend in Meghalaya but with the polls just round the corner, it is,  however, interesting to find out how the battle of political dynasties will turn out to be in Meghalaya — will be tides be in favour of Mukul Sangma’s or Conrad Sangma’s family… Come March 2018, we will all know which family will come to power and which will sit in the opposition.

Mining, influx, unemployment among UDP’s top priorities

By Our Reporter, Shillong News | Shillong, Feb 19, 2018:

The United Democratic Party (UDP) on Monday stated that if the party comes to power after the ensuing Assembly polls, it will try to address the major problems faced by the people with mining and influx being some of the top priorities of the party.

The party informed that they will come up with a mining policy which will be in accordance with the The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act of the Central Government and which will not be in conflict with the stakeholders especially the mine owners if the party is able to form the Government.

“We make a commitment to come up with a comprehensive mining policy if we are voted to power after the elections. We will formulate a policy which will not be in conflict with the stakeholders,” UDP working president, Bindo Mathew Lanong told newsmen after the release of the party’s manifesto here on Monday.

Stating that ban on coal mining in the state has affected many people, Lanong criticized the Congress Government under the leader of Dr Mukul Sangma for not implementing the mining policy which was formulated in 2011.

“We have formulated a comprehensive policy which had addressed all concerned during the Government which the UDP was part of. But no one knows on the fate of the mining policy,” Lanong said.

The UDP working president, at the same time, ridiculed the assurance of the Bharatiya Janata party that it would resolve ban on coal mining issue within 180 days.

“The assurance of the BJP to resolve the issue within 180 days is unrealistic. The assurance is mere lip service,” Lanong said.

When asked about the proposal of the State to hand over the mining of coal in the State to the MMDC,  UDP president, Dr Donkupar Roy in his reply said that the party is yet to discuss on the matter.

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Responding to queries if the party will press for Inner Line Permit (ILP) to address the concerns of influx, UDP leader, Paul Lyngoh said that influx is a dimensional subject and it a multi pronged approach will be initiated to address the problem adding that the party in its manifesto has touched upon the demographic balance which the state needs to maintain and taking measures such as setting up of anti infiltration directorate and fast track courts to deal with the menace.

On the demand of the GNC and HSPDP over the separate Garo Land and the Khasi-Jaintia State, the UDP president that the party is has made a commitment to support the creation of a separate Garo Land while at the same, the party is yet to discussed at length on the need to create the Khasi-Jaintia state.

Expressing confidence that UDP will install the Government in Meghalaya, Lanong lamented that the State Government since 9 years have not been able to setup music and sports academy in Shillong  even as he informed that around 88  acres of land which was earmarked for sports facilities in New Shillong Township have been allotted to other departments.

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Donkupar Roy also assured that the party would provide free education to children from BPL families till the graduation  level besides it would create a corpus fund to ensure that salary of teachers are never delayed.

“We will try our best to see that state is free from corruption,” Roy said.

Earlier, Lanong also maintained that article 371  is applicable in Meghalaya even as he opined politicians not to touch a subject which they don’t understand.


NCP candidate’s killing portrays utter chaos & lawlessness in Meghalaya- Rajnath Singh

From Our Correspondent

Williamnagar, February 19, 2018

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the killing of NCP candidate Jonathone N. Marak portrays utter chaos and lawlessness in the state of Meghalaya.

Addressing an election rally at Songsak in East Garo Hills, Singh grieved the death of Jonathone N Sangma – NCP’s candidate for the Williamnagar seat – and said his gruesome murder was the outcome of the Congress government’s failure on the law and order front.

Eye witness recounts spine chilling story of NCP candidate’s murder in East Garo Hills

From Our Correspondent

Tura, Feb 19, 2018

The shocking murder of NCP candidate from Williamnagar, Jonathone Sangma has sent shock waves through the entire state in view of the upcoming MLA elections. The unprecedented killing of the leader was a first of its kind in Garo Hills.

Frenetic residents had sought information once the killing through the use of and IED came to light, though official sources remained tightlipped over the matter until the filing of this report. However eye witness account of what exactly transpired last evening has thrown more light into the matter.

Garo Hills stands united for justice after murder of NCP candidate in Williamnagar!

From Our Correspondent

Tura, February 19, 2018

The people of Garo Hills region stands united once again with every citizen of the area coming out with open condemnation of the heinous act involving the murder of the NCP candidate from Williamnagar, Jonathone N Sangma last evening in an IED blast.

Anger against the politically motivated killing by suspected cadres of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) led to a rally against the act by residents of Willimanagar, who were joined by residents of all corners of Garo Hills region.

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