By Our Reporter, Shillong News | SHILLONG, March 24, 2018:

Congress Legislator and Nongthymmai MLA, Charles Pyngrope on Friday struck the chord of the long felt notion of doing away with the VVIP culture when he stated in the State Assembly that the public are the VIP’s and should be treated with respect while the legislators are their servants.

“People are VIPs and we are servants. They should be treated with respect,” Pyngrope told the house while moving the cut motion to the supplementary demand moved by PWD Building, GAD and Fishery Minister, Comingone Ymbon.

During the discourse in the house, Pyngrope pointed out that many rooms in Meghalaya houses situated in various places of the country are kept reserved for the VIPs while the common people try hard to get a place, especially those who need it the most.

“I have seen mothers sitting with their babies outside waiting to get accommodation despite the fact that there are vacant rooms. Why, because they are reserved for the VIPs ,” said Pyngrope further adding, “Why should they try hard or ask for recommendation from MLAs or officers to get accommodation”.

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Pointing out that in some of the Meghalaya Houses, the Ministers room are so huge that three rooms can fit in one room, Pyngrope said, “This is the luxury our state cannot afford”.

“Break it down and built more rooms for those who need it at the end of the day all we need is a clean bed and a clean toilet,” Pyngrope added.

“I ask the government to assure to stop harassing the general public by saying that there are no rooms. I request the government to look into this matter and by doing this they will be doing everybody a favour,” said Pyngrope.

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There are two Meghalaya houses in Delhi, two in Kolkata, one each in Mumbai, Vellore and Guwahati.

Furthermore, the former speaker hinted that VIP culture should be encouraged in the state as this invented nomenclature holds no meaning. “When a VIP is unwell, he is taken to the same ICU or when he goes to a cinema hall, he sits in the same chair. There is no specific bed or chair given to a VIP,” Pyngrope said.




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