TURA | July 14, 2019:

The plain belt of West Garo Hills continue to reel under floods even after the rains have subsided in these past two days.

With the water levels continuing to rise despite the lack of rain in the area, the plain belt of WGH have been declared flood-hit area.

The announcement is expected to help at least 1.1 lakh people who have been affected by the current deluge with the number expected to rise even further in the coming days.

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While Demdema Block recorded 50 villages affected with a population of 57,700, Selsella Block registered over 66,400 in 104 villages.

The numbers are expected to go up further even as water has continued to rise.

The announcement was made this evening by the MLA of Phulbari, SG Esmatur Mominin (Rahibul) after inclement weather forced the chief minister to cancel his program of an aerial survey of the flood affected plain belt areas today.


The local MLA of Phulbari was joined in the meeting by the Selsella MLA, FCA Sangma and the Congress MLA from Rajabala. Dr Azad Zaman. Further an announcement of 7 days of Gratuitous Relief (GR) has also been announced for those affected by the rising waters of the Brahmaputra and Jinjiram Rivers.

Speaking at the gathering of people in the Phulbari IB, Rahibul said he feared an increase in the level of water as the back draft of the two rivers was not slowing down.

“We expect the water levels to rise further and more people will be affected by it. The area is affected by the back draft of the Brahmaputa and Jinjiram Rivers and as it is still raining in other places, the levels will rise further. These are preliminary numbers of affected people. We are continuously monitoring the situation and will update things if it gets any worse,” said the MLA.

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“We have seen the effect on the people by this flood and have come to help them at this time,” said FCA Sangma to the gathering. She cancelled a program in Kolkata and reached her constituency early morning today to take stock of the ongoing flood situation.

Dr Zaman was effusive of the response of the CM, Conrad Sangma stating that the CM took up the matter immediately.

“We (Dr Zaman and Rahibul) met him yesterday after several cries for help. He immediately agreed to come to the area to survey the situation. Unfortunately the weather did not permit a chopper ride so he could not make it. However we expect him to be here anytime this week,” said Dr Zaman. He also advised the gathering of the precautions to take during floods.


Meanwhile, arrangement for providing potable drinking water is currently being made with the MLAs asking the Block officers to put up pit latrines and tube wells on a war footing.

The MLAs also added that given the fact that the numbers of affected people were based on the 2011 census and there has been an increase in the numbers, a 20% increase in allotment was being looked at from the current 10%.

Furthermore, a demand for animal food was also made with some people also asking for the distribution of at least tarpaulin sheets to keep themselves dry. Various relief camps are also being set up in both the Blocks to ensure safety of those affected by the deluge.


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