By Our Reporter, Shillong News | Shillong, Mar 14, 2018:

The latest development in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) came as a breather for the Chief Executive Member (CEM) Pynshngain N Syiem after it became clear that he will remain as the Council’s chief till the end of the Council Budget Session.

Syiem got a respite after there was no consensus among the 11 MDCs of the People’s Democratic Front (PDF) to remove him from the CEM post.

According to sources, the five of the MDCs wanted LG Nongsiej to be the CEM while the other four MDCs wants PN Syiem to continue as the CEM. Sources revealed that Mawkynrew MDC, Banteidor Lyngdoh did not commit himself and remain neutral over this move of changing the leadership in the Council.

As per the agreement, the 20 MDCs who wanted a change in the leadership in the Council had also proposed the name of senior NPP MDC, Hispreaching Son Shylla to occupy the post of the Chairman of the Council.

Sources revealed that all the MDCs of the PDF had initially agreed to the toppling game of removing Syiem from CEM post. Interestingly, the four MDCs of the PDF in the very last minute voiced their disapproval of Nongsiej occupying the post of CEM.

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Meanwhile, majority of the MDCs still question the way Syiem had allocated the funds amounting to Rs 32 crore received from the Centre to the contractors without consulting the members in the EC and the other MDCs.

“We do not see any kind of emergency. He (Syiem) could have waited and take a decision after the election. We would like to know what emergency which prompted to take such a major decisions on his own,” one of the MDC on condition of anonymity said.

Earlier in the day, KHADC CEM PN Syiem said that opposition members from the United Democratic Party (UDP) and Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) should work together in the council.

It may be pointed out that the UDP and HSPDP are part of the National People’s Party (NPP)-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) coalition government.

“When they (UDP and HSPDP) are part of the MDA, how is it that in the KHADC they will work with the Congress,” Syiem told media persons after a meeting of the People’s Democratic Front (PDF) held in the party office in the city.


It may be mentioned that the ruling coalition in the KHADC is christened People Democratic Forum (PDF) which comprises mainly of members belonging to the newly floated PDF party besides NPP, a lone BJP member and Independents.

On Tuesday, there were reports that certain Members of District Council (MDCs), proposed the name of Nongstoin, MDC and present Chairman of the KHADC, Goodleaderson Nongsiej as their next CEM.

These MDCs also wanted to change the name of the coalition in the district council.

When asked whether there is a possibility of changing the name of the ruling coalition in the district council, Syiem said, “Yes, we can do that but only after the matter is being discussed with all the partners.”

The MDCs of the opposition in the district council like the UDP, HSPDP and Congress have drawn their daggers against Syiem alleging misuse over the implementation of the centre’s special assistance grant.



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