TURA | NOV 27, 2019:

With a demand to implement the proposed National Highway 127B through the old road between Asanang – Rongrengre, the residents of the area have formed a committee so to put their demand forward to the authorities.

The demand comes in the wake of a clarification by PWD authorities over the proposed NH which the villagers had mistakenly felt was to go through the old Asanang – Williamnagar Road.

In a new memorandum submitted to the chief engineer, Bruce P Marak, yesterday, the NH 127B demand committee once again reiterated their demand for the road to come up through their villages.

The NH – 127 Demand Committee had earlier come up after a meeting between the various villages between Asanang in WGH and Rongrengre in EGH who have been vocal in their demand that the NH -127 pass through their area. The committee will be led by its president Kartin Marak and secretary Pinpin Marak.

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The committee was formed after a meeting held at Chisobibra – a tourism hotspot in EGH.

The demand committee felt the need of the NH to pass through the villages of Asananggre, Selbalgre, Romba Adinggre, Chokagre, Timbogre, Rongsakgre, Pakwagre, Rangmalgre, Bansamgre, Dawagre, Samandagre and Nengkhra.

“We have submitted a representation on the matter to the chief engineer as well as the Government of Meghalaya. The passing of the road through these areas will lead to wholesome development of the people around the area. The objective of our committee is to help intensify the demand for the NH through our areas,” said secretary Pinpin Marak.

“The area between the Simsang and Arbela Range is the heartland of Garo Hills and is a hub for eco tourism and agri – horticultural activity. This area is strategically located and if connected through Nengkhra on NH -62 and through the upcoming NH -127B will become a part of the ‘Trans Asian Highway’ passing through Bangladesh,” said the memo to the chief engineer of PWD – NH.

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The NH is to be funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and is apparently aligned to pass through East and West Garo Hills.

“Our area has suffered through decades of militancy and is in utter need of development and economic activity. There will be plenty of ancillary welfare schemes that come with the development of a NH and this is very much needed for our region,” pointed out Pinpin.

The demand committee has continued on its demand for the proposed NH 127B to pass through their area as well as the repair of the old road until that comes about.


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