Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma today asserted that the ordinance of the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security Act, 2016 making it mandatory for people from outside to register with the State Government if they plan to visit the State will not have an impact on the tourism sector.

Replying to a question whether any assessment was done on the impact it would have on the tourism sector before coming up with the ordinance, he said that it is a wrong mindset which is being developed on the intention of the State Government.

According to him, tourists register even now; the only difference is that currently, they register when they go to the hotel.

“All we are saying is registering with us. That same registration will be applicable in the hotels too. When you go to Mumbai or Delhi you also have to give Identity card and we are also asking for the ID card. It is the same registration process but it will be done in a centralized way.  There will also be an option for you to register before entering the State,” Meghalaya Chief Minister said while speaking to reporters.


He further asserted that once the tourists understand the procedures, then they will be happy to register with the Government since it is for their protection also and for the overall safety of the people of the State as a whole.

Meanwhile, Sangma said that the Governor is still examining the ordinance. “We will have to wait and see when the Governor give his assent to the ordinance. Obviously it would be passed,” Meghalaya Chief Minister said.

Replying to a question that Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh had told the Rajya Sabha that there is no such ordinance in Meghalaya, he said that the statement made by the Dr Jitendra Singh is right since the Governor is yet to pass the ordinance.

“Yes, the Cabinet has cleared it and procedural aspect is going on. Technically speaking what Dr Jitendra Singh has said was correct because once it’s cleared by the Governor then it becomes a proper ordinance. We are hopeful that should be approved anytime,” Sangma added.


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