TNT News | Shillong | April 26, 2019

In what may be termed as an incident that highlights the apathy of people towards persons with disabilities (PWDs), a lady on a wheelchair accompanied by two of her aides was denied proper services by a cab driver in Shillong.

The incident came to light after a renowned photo journalist based in Shillong, Sanjib Chakraborty flagged the issue after he had an argument with the cab driver when he refused to take the lady and her aides inside the premises of Civil Hospital, Shillong even though they were willing to book the entire cab.

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Thereafter, when the photo journalist tried to talk about the matter with the driver citing the fact that a person with disability needs to be given preference and taken wherever they wished to, the driver refused and the photojournalist clicked pictures of the scene including the driver and began to walk away.

A woman in a wheelchair along with her two aides

Later, the driver accompanied with another accomplice followed the photojournalist and threatened him while asking him to delete the pictures.

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Speaking to TNT- The Northeast Today, Sanjib Chakraborty said, “I tried to explain the cad driver that since the lady could not walk, he should drop her to wherever she wished to be taken but the driver seemed adamant and I had to click a picture. Later, the driver along with another fellow followed me and threatened to take my camera and asked me to delete the pictures”.

As stated by the journalist, the driver’s accomplice even threatened to “finish him” if he does not delete the photos which he did not.

The incident has since gone viral and captured the attention of the public.



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