Shillong News Desk | Shillong, April 07, 2018: 
Come next week and food lovers of Shillong can once again get a taste of the delicious and well-served food items of your choice from the various menus  to be served by La Bohemienne Classics pop up. Yes! They will be coming back to Shillong on the 14th and 15th of April to start off the first of their weekend pop-ups, through to the end of May.

For their first gig, they are going back in time and serving some of your all time favourites from their various menus i.e., from 1 pm onwards. Food lovers can catch them for lunch and dinner. So make sure to reach out and book your tables by leaving a message or call at +919383049520
Here’s what’s in store for you:
This pulled pork was first created in 2016 by La Bohemienne’s Italian cook and adventurer Guglielmo Sartor, without whom La Bohemienne et les amis. might not have come into being.

Soft succulent, pork that is cooked on charcoal fire all night long then gently pulled off the bone comes with a gravy with local jackfruit seeds and garnished with local greens. Shillong pork might never have been cooked like this before. A great marriage between eastern and western food sensibilities. The pop up have come up with multiple renditions of this dish since then. If you are into pork, this is not to be missed!

Raw beetroot Ravioli:
The raw beetroot ravioli has been lapped up by vegetarians/vegans and non-vegetarians alike. Come surprise yourself.

Spiced Thai style Pumpkin soup:
A pumpkin soup that has gracefully draped a Thai stole around herself. Spicy, sweet, zesty, rich… hits the spot.

Tortilla de Patatas:

Tortilla de patatas or the Spanish omlette with a black sesame mayonnaise. Another west meets east collaboration between Guglielmo and TaraRaw

Vegan carrot cake:
Raw Vegan carrot cake, the delicious dessert that is super healthy too. Came to Tara during a meditation in her yogi bubble. 

You can refer to the facebook post, in case you are confused about the images:



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