TNT News | SHILLONG| December 08, 2018

Shillongites over the past few weeks have been experiencing several hours of power cuts and are now expressing their frustration over the inadequate power supply of the state run MeECL .

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With the advent of winter and temperatures falling to newer levels daily, the frequent power cuts have irked almost all citizens alike in the city .

Social activists like Patricia Mukhim have even taken to Social media to express their outrage on this issue .

But it is not just the residents alone who are suffering from this power outage but also hoteliers and guest houses .

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“The guests in hotels demand uninterrupted power supply and we are now using generator for 6-7 hours daily which costs us a lot of fuel”,  says one such hotel owner .

The same sentiments are also echoed by small guest house owners as well as doctors and nursing home clinics who need constant power supply to run medical equipments.

The Government and the MECL have been quiet on how they intend to go about tackling the erratic power supply but certain government officials on the condition of anonymity did admit that there are long term issues which need to be handled by the Government .

Till the time such infrastructural issues and competency is not addressed, it does look like a long cold winter for the residents of Shillong.


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