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Aberrant, a groove/experimental metal band from Shillong, formed with a flaming intention of dishing out metal like a shiny silver sword piercing through the open heart has proved critiques that they are simply en route to dominate the rock arena and of course literally bringing down every house that shelters them.

Aberrant is simply one of the few purely and honestly lateral-thinking forces genuinely dedicated to pushing the boundaries of extreme music simply because doing so comes so naturally to them. From being crowned as winners of Meghalaya Icon III to their recent assault at IIT Guwahati followed by a mega performance in Shillong earlier at the Rebel County 2012 in October and the more recent Shillong Battle Rock, the music dished out by Aberrant only highlights sonic legacy equivalent to Stephen Hawking’s contribution to theoretical physics!

Honestly, closely following the band and their symphonies, it is more apt to say that they have been heavily influenced, not only by power riffs and increasing tempo with minimalistic song writing but a professionalism that combats the predictable inclination of lesser known bands to charge swiftly and crescendo madly, on into infinity.

Watching Aberrant unleash their live musical juggernaut on even the most inauspicious of days, is like witnessing an elemental force of nature—a sublime convergence of down-tuned guitars, relentlessly creative rhythmic propulsion and brilliantly savage energy.

With the power of Shillong’s answer to Randy Blythe, Ryngkat Jyrwa, Aberrant and its dedicated team of metal worshippers have not only brought laurels to this State but have also obliterated the existing paradigms of groove/experimental metal, upping the ante for heavy music to a level of mathematical profundity.

They, being at the formative years, may only have a handful of songs so far but are definitely turning out to be a force to be reckoned with…the synonym of annihilation. With their EP hitting the stands recently, here we have for you, a promising band with promising numbers.

TNT: Something on the word ‘Aberrant’.

A: It means diverging from what is normally accepted. We chose this name because we like what it means and we can relate to its meaning. It’s all about being different you know and not being afraid about being so.

TNT: Let’s shoot with a few words on the journey to being Aberrant.

A: We are all from different bands, Imti (guitars) also plays guitar for DWAR, Jerry who plays guitar for us but plays drums for Project blend Ltd. Rex is a gem to have. He plays for Aberrant, Distorted ground and Krossfeat. Ampher who plays bass for us plays guitar for his band Undead and Ryngkat our vocalist is the frontman of Native Rules. We all love metal music and we wanted to do something different that we haven’t done or not doing with our respective bands and since we were good friends it made it a bit easier and we now have ABERRANT! We have been fully active with this line up since October 2011. We parted ways with Bhabor in December 2013 and following that, Rex joined us in January 2014.

TNT: Knowing that rage, aggression and social issues is an importance facet of metal song writing, what is currently on Aberrant’s plate of influence?

A: We write about anything that affects us whether be it on a social level, personal issues, questions about life or death, the mystery of the universe. We have no specific way to go about it.

TNT: How would you elaborate your song structure and lyrical theme?

A: The songs that we’ve written so far are based on groove and melody. It comes to us and we never know how a song will turn out to be in the end until it’s finished and so far we are happy with both our songs n we are learning more and more everyday. The journey of learning and improving will never stop and as far as lyrical theme goes, we write about anything that affects us as individuals and to some extend about what affects the society as well.

TNT: How would you describe your music to the people?

A: Groovy. We all love old school metal and groove and one can find that in our music with touches of Modern metal, Progressive Influences etc.

TNT: All time favourites.

A: Nile, Pantera, Chimp Spanner, Tool, Karnivool, Meshuggah, Periphery, The Faceless, Born Of Osiris, Gojira, Mudvayne, Death, Sikth, Textures just to name a few.

TNT: What can fans expect from your EP? How has the response been so far?

A: We have crushing songs for everyone in our debut self titled EP. You can hear influences of groove metal and progressive metalcore while not maintaining a repetitive stance whatsoever. It’s important to understand that before anyone of us became musicians we were and still are, Music Lovers. This has played a big part in helping us in our approach to songwriting. The response has been great though we wish people back home would have been more supportive in shelling out to grab a copy!

TNT: Message for the rock community, young and old.

A: Go to gigs once awhile when they happen. If you say you love music or music is part of your life then go see bands or artists perform. Be apart of the music scene. Don’t just wait for international acts to come!! Each city or town in India has a band/ artist that caters to a certain kind of musical palette, be it rock, metal, pop, punk rock, rap, hip hop, indie, folk etc. Support your local musicians…something good or great will come out eventually!!!

TNT: What next for Aberrant?

A: To be very honest, we are deciding on not competing anymore. This is because there is no gain in doing so. We would rather focus on composing new songs and go ahead with our tour plans. Following the EP, we are raring to go all out in making an album happen.


Aberrant started out in October 2011 with this current line-up they have played in four competitions and won a prize in each event.

2nd runners up in Rockathon in Amlarem (November 2011)
Winners of Meg Icon III in Shillong (January 2012)
1st Runners up in Rock o Phonix’13 IIT Guwahati (Feb 2013)
Winners in Pyrotechnix’13 Assam Engineering College (March 2013)
Ryngkat won best Vocalist in: Meg Icon III, Rock O Phonix ’13 and Pyrotechnix ’13.

Ampher won Best Bassist in: Meg Icon III and Pyrotechnix ’13

Imti won Best Guitarist in: Pyrotechnix ’13

BAND: Aberrant

MEMBERS: Ryngkat Jyrwa (VOCALS), Jerry Ranee (GUITARS), Imti Kharkongor (GUITARS), Ampher Lyngdoh (BASS) and Riskhembor Kharrngi aka Rex (DRUMS)

GENRE: Metal/Groove/Experimental

SOUNDS LIKE: Aberrant!

FORMED ON: October 2011

GEARS: Jerry: Ibanez RG series Guitar and a POD HD500 guitar Processor, Jazz III guitar picks

Imti: Ibanez Prestige S2170SE Guitar and a POD X3 Live guitar Processor, Jazz III guitar picks

Rex: Sonor drum kit (Smart force series), Remo skins, Piaste cymbals, NOVA Vic Firth 5A drum sticks and Tarma Iron Cobra double pedal.

Ampher: Ibanez GSR 200

Check out their latest single “Collateral Damage” here:


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