Tura, Nov 11, 2017: The MUA II government is already criticised for organizing a Cherry Blossom festival at a time when none of the trees are blossoming. James Sangma who is the leader of NPP and MLA of Dadenggre also fired shots at the Government and questioned the difference in funds alloted to indigenous festivals when compared to festivals like ‘Cherry Blossom’ organized by the state.

Garo Hills is currently in the grip of its biggest festival ‘Wangala’ which will conclude tomorrow after the combined beating of a 100 traditional drums. The chief minister, Dr Mukul Sangma is expected to be the chief guest for the event tomorrow.

While giving a speech at the festival yesterday, James questioned the difference in funding while questioning “Why smaller funds were provided for traditional festivals?”

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The NPP leader stated that the Cherry Blossom festival held last year cost a whooping 91 lakhs and this year the cost of the festival is estimated to cross 1 crore.

“While such a huge amount is spent for the Cherry Blossom festival, yet, for Khasi, Jaintia and Garo traditional festivals, only Rs 25 lakh was released by the government. I would appeal to the government to provide equal funding for the traditional celebrations also,” said James while expressing his concern over the large scale difference in the funding pattern.

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