OPINION | Shillong, Sept 16, 2018: 

By Mayborn Lyngdoh R

How justified are we in public shaming the Higher Secondary students of a reputed educational institute in Shillong?

Yesterday, pictures of Higher Secondary School students of a reputed Girl’s College in the capital city of Shillong were circulated on social media anonymously without entertaining a second thought.

Now, I am not one to condone the act however, I also do not support the action chosen to be taken.

These are teenagers that we are talking about. Had it been adults, it would have been taken in a different light altogether.

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Teenage is that pubertal stage where a person’s body undergo changes physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. It can also be termed as the age of “Curiousity” where one is driven with an urge to try new things. Based on the pictures taken, one can tell by the way the girls were holding a cigarette and beer bottle that they were amateurs.

To be fair everyone has done things that if exposed would be shameful. The only thing is that many don’t get caught. But that does not make you a saint.

Shaming them like this while one would also do things in private that if found out might shame your family, I feel is not right.

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It’s the pubertal age for God’s sake. You end up doing things that you’re not supposed to but not that you have to.

These girls might go through an emotional trauma all their lives. Who is going to be accountable for that?

While the whole world likes and shares the page of the concerned admins with derogatory comments like “Children of today’s generations have no shame” I am however led into the thought that “Are all of our elders saints? Why is it then wine stores generate the highest revenue in the state more than any other commercial business?”

These admins sit there anonymously and act wrecklessly. “When you’re invisible, you are free to act and do whatever you want, isn’t it?” While we like and share these pictures, they are busy minting money at the expense of these young curious girls and the shame that they and their family will have to go through.

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What could have been done?

If the admin who shot these pictures really did care for the society, for the generation and for the girls, he would seek an appointment with the principal of the College, and the authorities will deal with the matter with the concerned students and their parents.

But no! Selfishness and the pride of popularity are blind. This wreckless act also victimises the parents and shame them naked infront of the whole world. In our Khasi society, one is known by the name of our parents. “U khun lane ka khun jong ita ita. . .” Things like these only give birth to a rebellious generation that will further stigmatize.

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I speak to all the saints with the biggest horns, that shamelessly shame these young girls without introspecting oneself of who they really are themselves, “someday someone might find you or the ones you love in one of your or their secret pleasures and your words might just find their way back to you”.

Be kind. Introspect. Try to understand. The damage you cause might ruin someone’s life forever. It’s sad, that we have forgotten the art of mending something that was broken. We are instead enthusiastic that we get to destroy it completely.

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