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Tura, April 17, 2018

They say time and tide waits for no man but as time progresses, it become important for people to keep up with the changing times. But this is not the case with certain areas of Garo Hills where people are still attacked and ostracized on superstitious charges of witch-hunting.

In what will come across as a huge tragedy, a family was completely devastated after at least 4 persons attacked their house near the village of Chima Impel in North Garo Hills (NGH) on the suspicion of practicing witchcraft. The attack left the 68-year-old father dead while his wife and pregnant daughter are in critical condition.

The incident occurred last night at about 10:30 pm in the village of Sari Awe, which falls under the Dainadubi outpost. Upon receiving information of the incident, police arrested 5 people including three brothers from one family for the murder and assault.

According to police sources, one of the family members of the assaulter was apparently sick for quite a while leading to them thinking the same was the doing of black magic.

“It seems one of the family members dreamt that the victims were the ones responsible for the prolonged illness of their loved one. They immediately got together and went to the victim’s house at night,” said SP of NGH, Dalton Marak.

The suspects entered the house of the victim, Poding Momin (68) his wife, Sening Sangma (65), their pregnant daughter as well as their young son. While the son managed to escape the group, the other three had to take the brunt of the beating leading to the death of Poding. His wife and daughter are said to be critical.

“Police received information this morning on the incident and a team from Dainadubi went in search of the suspects, arresting five people. We are trying to ascertain as to whether the 5th person was also involved in the crime,” added the SP.

The four whose names have been provided by the police are Peneth Marak (43), Polbit A Momin (24), Golits A Momin (18), and Rajiv A Momin, 34 (the last three named are brothers).

“They were arrested this morning at 7 am,” added Dalton.

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