Shillong, January 13, 2018: Ka Khoh Ramhah or Basket of the Giant is one major tourist attraction at Cherrapunjee, Sohra. The highlight of this rock is the shape of it which is in the form of a big giant cone.

Also known as Mothorp and pillar rock, this giant basket is bounded by two smaller rocks in the same shape. The very shape of the rock keeps tourists spellbound owing to its impressive formation.

The giant rock formation also resembles a huge upturned conical khasi basket.

ka-khoh-ramhah (1)

According to legends, this rock is a fossilized cone-shaped basket that belonged to a big evil giant. This giant troubled the people of that region a lot through his greed and unsocial behaviour. So in order to get rid of the evil giant, the people decided to invite him for a huge meal and mixed his food with sharp iron and nails which eventually led to his death.

The giant  basket that he left in that place has turned into stone and is supposed to be the Khoh Ramhah.

Nevertheless, legends has its own saying but the beauty of the place is enhanced by the flow of the stream through the rocks, which takes the shape of a rapid waterfall when seen from behind. On a clear day, one can also see the plains of Bangladesh from here which is a beautiful sight to behold.


The beauty and aura of this place can also be seen when the clouds ascend from the plains of Bangladesh which makes the Khoh Ramhah more mesmerising. There is also a view point near the rock which gives visitors a clearer and better view of this big giant rock.

The Khoh Ram-Hah has been there for quite a few centuries but the beauty of it still stands up-to date and has attracted a lot of tourists from around the world.

Once visited, people can never forget the mesmerising beauty of it and also the mysterious legend behind it.

-Compiled by Natasha Dkhar

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