SHILLONG | Feb 08, 2019:

The State Cabinet on Friday approved the recommendations made by the Meghalaya State Names Authorities Committee regarding the renaming of roads and villages.

The following are the names which were proposed and passed by the Cabinet today include:

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  1. The road from Mawlai-Mawroh-Mawkynrew-Umshing–Mawtawar-Nongkyllew-Mawsiatkhnam-Madan Mawkhar under Mawlai constituency to be named as St Mother’s Theresa road.
  2. The following roads within Greater-Laban Area: a. Howell Road Laban will be renamed as Thranghok J Rangad Road. b. Zikzak Road at Rilbong will be known as Ardhendu Chaudhuri Road. c. The ADB Road Batti Bazaar at Laban will be known as Roland Lyngdoh Road and Sylhettipara Road in Laban to be renamed as Khrep Sing Swer Road.
  3. The Jackson Trace Road at Lower Lumparing will be renamed as Milanton Kharkongor Road.
  4. The Village Kynshi-Raishan will be known as simply Kynshi village.
  5. The Dikki Bandi Stadium in Tura will now be called PA Sangma stadium.
  6. The road starting from the arrival junction in Tura which connects to the AMPT road will be renamed as PA Sangma road.
  7. The road Gordon Bhagyakul within Laitumkhrah will be renamed as Lumtngenjai.

Replying to a question on the reason for changing the name of the Dikki Bandi stadium, Home Minister, James Sangma said that they have taken this decision since there is a popular demand to change the name to PA Sangma stadium.
According to the Home Minister, majority of the money that was spent for construction of the stadium was during the time when late PA Sangma was the MP of Tura.”In view of the  popular demand, we have acknowledged to change the name of the stadium in Tura in his honour,” he said.


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