From Our Correspondent, Shillong News | Williamnagar, May 09, 2018: 

Wonders of Nature! If you are looking for examples of co-existence, then you should pay more attention to ‘Nature’ as it always has unique ways of proving that two different species can co-exit peacefully.

One perfect example was found in East Garo Hills after two trees, one a mango and another a jackfruit tree were discovered using the same root to grow.

The unique tree is located inside the compound of the Fishery Department at Jamge in East Garo Hills, about 40 kms from the district headquarter of Williamnagar in East Garo Hills. It was a chance sighting that led to the discovery of the tree – which otherwise has been hiding in plain sight.

“These two trees have been co-existing using the same root for over 2 decades now. Both trees bear fruit almost at the same time showing that co-habitation is possible in the most unique ways. This is testimony to the fact,” said the fishery department incharge, Vicky Marak.

The two trees are fused together at the trunk before separately branching out into two separate trees.

The fact that the two trees did not push each other out or trample upon the other and chose to share is in itself a rarity. Normally there is a jostling for space which dents the growth of one while the other tree thrives.

“This shows us how each one of us can adjust a little and share. Mother Nature is giving us life goals through these two trees. Hope everyone is as inspired as I have been with this act of nature. This cohabitation is unique in our region at least, if not elsewhere,” said Tura resident, Avinash Marak, after visiting the site.



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