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“Character,Intelligence,Strength,Style:That makes Beauty”- Diane Von Furstenberg

She is fearless and is a free spirited soul with a creative imagination. A woman filled with passion,a believer in her dreams,her artistic and creativity defines her.This woman from Shillong is showcasing her talent to the world especially to the world of Bollywood.Having styled some of the renowned celebrities of India,this woman is set to conquer the world. She is none other than Amrita Mordani, a Shillong girl who is living her dreams.

In an exclusive interview with TNT-The Northeast Today, Amrita Mordani tells us about a story of her life — a journey worth venturing.

TNT: How would you describe yourself as a person?

One word that would describe me the best is Audacious – someone who is bold and ambitious. A free spirited soul with a vivid imagination.

TNT: When did you develop interest in this field?

I have always been fascinated by well dressed people, and I remember that it was my early teens when I started pairing outfits for myself and my sisters. I realized that clothing has a lot of power, and by that bit of thought put into your outfits, people can control the way they are perceived. Since then, there has been no looking back.

TNT: First major breakthrough. (Or turning point in your life)

Life has been very kind so far and I have had the opportunity to work across multiple projects. However, my first major breakthrough is working as a Celebrity Stylist for an upcoming film by ace producers – Vashu Bhagnani & Deepshika Deshmukh under the banner of Puja Films.

TNT: Before becoming a stylist,did you have another career in mind?

Growing up, I remember spending a lot of my free time making sketches, letting my imagination go wild. Over time, I knew  I wanted a career in the fashion industry, and hence started focusing my energy on pursuing my dream as a stylist. Shillong, with an eagle eye and appetite for fashion, has been instrumental in helping me take this as a career choice. This is what I have been wanting to do all my life.

TNT: Who and what inspired you?

My dad has been my biggest inspiration, and has relentlessly supported me in my decisions. I think I get my fashion sense from his classy sense of dressing. He too has been in the fashion industry and currently runs the leading retail fashion stores in the city.

TNT:  Tell us about Blue Ivy Creations.

Blue Ivy is for the cool, easygoing and chic. I believe in comfort over anything else, so blue ivy is a day to day clothing collection which is a blend of comfort and style.

TNT: How has your business been doing? What are the challenges you face?

Honestly, I can’t complain. As a designer, I feel that the single biggest challenge is to gain the trust of your client. Things get tricky if you are unable to deliver to their needs. Luckily, I have been getting great feedbacks from my clients, and they are very enthusiastic about my work.

TNT: What do you think about the fashion industry in NortheastIndia?

I definitely see that youngsters today are making far more effort in the way that they dress than what people did a decade ago. In the NorthEast, people have always been more experimental and a mere t-shirt and jeans doesn’t really move the needle for an individual. It is wonderful to see how the people today express themselves in what they wear.

TNT: Who have you styled among the celebrities of India?

I have had a chance to work with a few renowned names such as Tamanna Bhatia, Lara Dutta, Prabhu Deva and Boman Irani. As an Assistant, I am grateful to be associated with the best in the industry. I really enjoyed my time working with Nihaarika Khan, who is an amazing person and just superb in her styling.

TNT: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I would love to have a store in Mumbai, a space that is a ‘total’ experience for my clients. The idea is to give my clients an astute sense of the kind of work I am doing, a place where the brand Amrita Mordani comes to life.

TNT: Lastly, your message to upcoming stylist from Northeast?

I am a believer, and would advise my fellow designers to believe in themselves. Be focused on what you are hoping to achieve and be very very dedicated. Your moment will come and when it does, you will be ready for it.

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