Shillong, Jan 23:

Regional Director of Ministry of Tourism, SS Deb Barman on Thursday expressed his disagreement with the arguments that the implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the State would have any impact on the tourism sector.

The statement of Barmam assumed significance since there is general observation from many quarters that the ILP will have a direct impact on development and growth of the tourism sector in the State.

“I totally disagree that ILP will have negative impact on the tourism sector. People from across the globe will still visit even if there is a restriction if the State is able to promote itself in an effective and attractive manner,” Barman stated here on today.

Meghalaya: Tourism will not be affected if ILP is implemented, assures Dy CM

He also mentioned that there is always some kind of restrictions for tourists even in Africa. The Regional Director of Ministry of Tourism also said that ILP is not a complicated issue. “One can compare ILP with that of buying ticket to travel in a train or an aeroplane,” he said.

Informing that the Ministry of Tourism is ready to help the State to promote the tourism sector in Meghalaya by way of central financial assistance, Barman said that the flow of tourism to Meghalaya is very encouraging.

Demand for ILP in Meghalaya: UDP optimistic of implementation

“The Meghalaya Government has managed to effectively to implement the funds on tourism projects,” Regional Director of Ministry of Tourism said.


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