• Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma justified transfer of West Jaintia Hills ADC to Ampati
  • Conrad slammed the Opposition Congress for ‘politicizing’ the issue of transfers of officers
  • Transfer of officers is a normal process done in the interest of the public and in the interest of the Government, says CM

By Our  Reporter | Shillong, Oct 10, 2018: 

Refuting the allegations leveled by the Opposition Congress on “rampant” transfer of government officers, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said that the opposition is trying to politicize the issue even as he maintained that this is a ‘normal process’ being done by the Government.

Earlier on Monday, the opposition had accused one of the ministers in the Conrad Sangma-led government, and his brother of scolding, rebuking and threatening the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Sammy Laloo before transferring him to Ampati overnight for not giving in to their request for favours.

Reacting to this, the Chief Minister said that the transfer of this officer is routine procedure followed by the Government adding that everything is being done in the interest of ensuring that there is proper governance.

“This part of the exercise which is being done regularly. They are unnecessary trying to politicize this issue. This was done during their time also” Conrad said.

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Chief Minister took a dig at the Opposition stating that they should allow the Government to do its work.

When asked if the Government will look into this allegations, he said that there is no allegation as such and asserted that this is a normal process.

When asked about letter written by the Leader of Oppostion, Chief Minister said that he will be replying to this letter very soon.

“My reply is very simple. This is a normal process done in the interest of the public and in the interest of the Government,” he said.

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Reacting on this same issue, Deputy Chief Minister, Preston Tynsong said that if any officer has any grievance or if they feel that they are ill treated, they should file an FIR.

“Can anyone keep quite if he/she is being abused or being beaten up?” Tynsong asked. Reacting to a query on the ‘ability’ of an officer to take on the political masters, Tynsong said that they (officers) are not “slaves of somebody”.

“The law is there when something goes beyond the limit,” Deputy Chief Minister said.

When asked if the Government would constitute an inquiry on this, he said that the Government cannot constitute on the basis of newspapers reports. “We cannot proceed ahead with the inquiry unless we receive an official complaint,” Deputy Chief Minister said.


To a question on the IAS officer leaving the State in the past six months, he dared the opposition Congress to name the officers who left the state during the regime of the present government and compare the same with the number of people who were sent away during the time of the previous Congress led Government.

“I want to ask how many of them left the State before February 2018,” Deputy Chief Minister said.

He, however, said that the IAS officers are leaving for Delhi on a normal deputation.

When asked how he view the allegations made by the Congress, Tysong said that it is the job of the opposition to rake controversy against the Government.



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