SHILLONG, December 1, 2017:  Meghalaya which is known as the land of beauty is also famous for its extreme cold weather conditions but the question is — Do people really enjoy winter season in Meghalaya? Well the answer is YES!

This is the time of the year when all schools and colleges come to a winter break, office hours’ reduced and people are preparing for vacations, picnics and off course the Christmas season. So what do Shillong people really love doing during weekends especially on a Saturday and a Sunday during winters?  I must say — a much needed break is a long drive to various destinations across the state, to experience the cold weather and also to enjoy what nature has bestowed upon us.

Well this might sound a bit extreme by going out on a cold day but we can definitely make use of various resources available by nature like making a bonfire using dried figs, leaves and also dried and dead logs hanging on the pine trees that are easily available. One can also enjoy a hot cup of tea in a nearby local shop and also wear the best winter warm clothes from your closet.

This is not just an attraction for people from the state but also to tourists from across the world. The inflow of tourist in Winter season is abundant especially people from mainland India who are thronging to every nook and corner of the many destinations in Meghalaya. So let us take a look at few destinations that people should visit and experience in Meghalaya.


If one is planning to go toward Sohra or Cherrapunjee, one should definitely make a pit stop in Mylliem Village. Here one can enjoy the famous local food and also the famous Smoked Pork and Beef. The weather is extremely cold here, but one should not stop pursuing their destination. A must try delicacy — the tungrymbai (fermented soybeans) and also DohSnam (Black Pudding) should be on the list of every traveller heading towards this side of the state. Further, Mawkdok Bridge, the Sa-I-Mika Park, Dainthlen, Kharmih Park etc. are surely some of the places to visit.


A long drive would also be incomplete if one does not visit Laitlum. Famous for its breath-taking landscape and various canyons, this place is a regular destination for picnic goers and people who love to take a long drive. One can experience the lush green meadows and its chilly weather. For food lovers, food is easily available as small stalls are set up by local people who provide food comforting to the heart.

Pic Courtesy: Trip Advisor


Barapani is also another place to go for a long drive, as one can experience a little bit of sun. This side is much warmer during the day time but the warmth will not last long and the cold will set in once the sun goes down. This place is thronged by families during vacation period as it is one of the best picnic spots in the state.

Pic Courtesy: Trip Advisor


The road that leads to Pynursla village is also a perfect place to take a long drive. An escapade to enjoy good music inside a car with good company of people. Pynursla is definitely a must visit destination!

Pic Courtesy: Pin Interest

All in all, these are just few destinations where people visit regularly on a weekend basis but Meghalaya has a lot more to offer. There are many hidden places to explore. Trekking, camping especially during this time of the year is recommended. But to experience a long drive during winters in Shillong should definitely be on every travelers list.

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