From Our Correspondent | Tura, Aug 30, 2018: 

A young man lost his life after being electrocuted while trying to shut down the power to his house in the village of Soragre in Edenbari on the outskirts of Tura in West Garo Hills last evening.

Hours after the incident, the district administration has ordered a magisterial probe into this case to ascertain the reason behind the accident which claimed the life of a 26-yr-old man.

The magisterial inquiry has been ordered by the deputy commissioner, Ram Singh, into the incident.

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The electrocution is allegedly being blamed on the negligence of the MeECL.

The victim, Rikrang B Marak, was electrocuted inside his house allegedly due to a power surge when he went to switch off the main to the house due to the intermittent power surge. The 26 year old had just returned from a bath around the time mentioned when he noticed the power fluctuation through the flickering of the lights in his house.


However when he went to switch the main switch, a sudden power surge in the line led to him being electrocuted leading to his instant death.

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The reason for the sudden surge in power and that too through the main switchboard is still not known and the incident is being probed.

Meanwhile, locals of the Soragre area have called the voltage fluctuation a common phenomenon blaming the same on the laziness of the MeECL, who they alleged hardly ever come to repair the lines despite complaints. Even fallen trees and branches, which have been one of the main reasons for electrocutions, are not cleared.



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