TNT News | Shillong, May 29, 2019

Meghalaya’s regional party United Democratic Party (UDP)’s president, Dr Donkupar Roy has attributed the anti-BJP and anti-Modi wave as the factors for the defeat of the party candidate and MDA nominee, Dr Jemino Mawthoh from the Shillong Parliamentary seat.


“The anti BJP and Modi wave was strong that I could not even control my own people,” Dr Roy said while speaking to reporters here today.

Stating that the party has failed to counter the Congress propaganda, he said that the propaganda of the Congress that BJP is anti-minority has created a fear among the people.


“This is another factor why the UDP lost the last MP election,” UDP president said adding that there is a general feeling among the people that the UDP will work with the BJP if they elect the candidate of the party.

He said that the fact is that the anti-BJP campaign was started by the Congress party itself.

“The people also see that UDP is an ally of the BJP,” UDP president said.

Meanwhile, he said that the regional parties had not won the MP election from Shillong Parliamentary seat since 1989 adding that the defeat of the regional parties from the seat is a historical legacy.

He said that in the earlier years, there was a feeling among the people that the candidate of the regional parties would always align with the Congress.

“Therefore, the people feel that it would be better to elect the Congress candidate instead of the candidate of the regional forces,” UDP president said adding that this feeling towards the candidates of the regional parties still remains the same.

“The people always look upto the candidate of the national parties when it comes to the MP elections. This is one of the factors why the Congress won the Shillong seat,” he said.

Stating that the outcome of the MP election has nothing to do with the State election, he said that the regional parties are still a strong force in any elections in the State except for the MP election in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills region of Meghalaya.


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