TURA | June 11, 2019:

Unhappy with the compensation offered, a group of villagers from Dopgre (7th mile), on the outskirts of Tura have decided to approach the deputy commissioner of West Garo Hills to seek re-evaluation on the property they will be losing to the expansion of the National Highway 51.

The unhappy villagers said that the quantum of compensation they are set to receive will not be adequate to redo the damage being caused.

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For now at least 4 families have informed on the matter and will be seeking a higher quantum of compensation to ensure they are able to rebuild life in a better way.

“Almost my entire house is being demolished but they are offering only about Rs 75000 for us to rebuild. Given the current state of costs, that will never be enough. My house may be ‘kutcha’ but there are at least 3 rooms being destroyed along with our cemented floor. With the amount they are offering, I am not sure I will even be able to build the floor,” said Rosalin D Marak, of the affected villagers.

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Another Tomoni M Sangma, whose entire barn is being taken, has been offered only Rs 26,000 as compensation.

“This is grossly unfair. They should have evaluated according to the local market rates. It’s impossible to rebuild the barn with the money they are offering. Why not remake the barn instead of paying us any compensation. We will be happy that way,” said Tomoni, whose grill gate has not even been taken into consideration as per her knowledge.

Interestingly, a nearby house whose toilet and tank is going to be demolished is being offered Rs 4 lakh as damages.

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Two kutcha shops belonging to Spelina Marak and Jotila Marak, along the same road, are being destroyed with the amount being offered to them standing at Rs 9000 an Rs 16000 respectively.

“Who are they fooling? Will they be able to redo the same shops and houses at the same amount? This assessment is ridiculous and needs to be redone. Otherwise just rebuild the same houses and shops and we will all be happy. For now the compensation being offered is not adequate for the damage being done,” said the affected families.


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