TURA | June 23, 2019:

The East Garo Hills based NGOs have heavily criticised the contractor and site engineers overlooking the construction of a Model College in Rongjeng alleging the latter of allegedly using poor materials for the construction of this very important landmark.

In line with this, the FKJGP, ASWA and GSU unit of Rongeng have decided to approach the deputy commissioner (DC) of East Garo Hills (EGH) for action to be taken against the contractor as well as the site engineers.

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The Model College, according to NGOs, been a long pending demand and dream. According to the NGOs, the contractor for the project is one Rakesh Sangma from Tura.

The complaint comes after a visit to the site of the construction by the NGOs where they found sand gravel like stones being used in the construction of the college’s foundation.

“We received complaints of poor construction materials being used for the foundation and thus came for a visit to the site. We are befuddled by the materials they are using for the construction. We want to know how they are able to do so and what the department that is looking after the construction is doing. We cannot believe such materials can even be brought to the site, forget about construction with it,” said Mukesh Marak of the ASWA.

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When the NGOs questioned the ‘Mohori’ on the matter, the person admitted to using poor materials stating that they were using it as neither the engineer nor the contractor was providing them materials for construction and there had been no objection from them.

“These are brown stones which can’t even be used for sand gravel and even a drop from a small height will break it into 100 pieces. What guarantee can they give us that the building will stay upright even a year down the line? The contractor and the PWD engineers are equally guilty in this and criminal charges should be filed against them,” said FKJGP member, Arman Marak.

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For now the NGOs have decided to meet the DC to complain on the matter and seek the immediate stoppage of work and action against those guilty of neglect.

“This college is a dream for the entire Rongjeng area and will benefit thousands of people. It has started off on the wrong foot already due to the greed of some of the people involved in its construction,” added a GSU member.


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