On the off chance that you are searching for a water purifier for your home, chances are, you would have run over the term SCMT. Don’t worry if you haven’t. This article will answer your question to “What are SCMT Water Purifiers?”

What is SCMT in Water Purifier? And How Does it Work?

SCMT represents Silver Charged Membrane Technology, an extra layer of filtration added to RO water purifiers. The term SCMT is a brand name utilized by AO Smith in its water purifiers, and this is a special innovation not utilized by other water purifier brands.

SCMT is a solitary unit that replaces a few distinct sorts of filtration advancements like UF, MF, and UV. According to AO Smith, this filtration framework is superior to these advances joined.

Numerous AO Smith water purifiers accompany SAPC or Silver Activated Post Carbon Filter. The silver-based carbon channel lessens microbial development and ‘polishes’ the water. When this interaction is finished, the water goes through SCMT in its last stage.

SCMT is a water filtration process that utilizes a porous film to eliminate microscopic organisms, infections, endotoxins, colloids, synthetic compounds, and unsafe particles from drinking water. SCMT is likewise really great for wellbeing since it eliminates destructive microorganisms present in the water without influencing the taste.

It is fairly like other membrane-based channels like UF and MF. In any case, the SCMT has silver particles present in it. As water goes through SCMT, the impurities are killed because of the antimicrobial nature of silver.



UV Purifiers works by passing UV-C radiation through the water. This interaction denatures the DNA of microorganisms, for example, infections, microscopic organisms, protozoa, and pimples. This makes them inadequate. Thus, UV sanitization is viewed as perhaps the best strategy to clean water. Notwithstanding, UV decontamination can’t eliminate actual debasements, for example, particulates, colloids, metals, and so forth.

SCMT, then again, can eliminate infections, microorganisms, cysts, and other physical pollutants from water. Notwithstanding, very much like the UV purifiers, even the SCMT unit is put toward the finish of the filtration process so that any excess impurity after RO sanitization can be disposed of from the water.

As may be obvious, SCMT is superior to UF and MF filtration innovations that can’t eliminate phosphates and certain synthetic compounds. UF can eliminate certain infections, yet numerous infections can go through UF.

Filtration Process in AO Smith Water Purifiers

Numerous AO Smith RO water purifiers accompany 8 phases of purging. Allow us to get what are these means of filtration.

Stage 1 – Prefilter

In the principal phase of decontamination, the prefilter eliminates bigger actual debasements. This is like prefilters utilized in other water purifiers.

Stage 2 – Sediment Filter

After this, the water goes through a sediment filter that removes pollutants not eliminated by prefilters. This interaction prepares water to be utilized to add somewhat further developed filtration methods.

Stage 3 – Pre Carbon Filter

Pre-carbon filter absorbs chlorine and its results and natural mixtures. Since natural mixtures cause terrible taste and smell, this strategy eliminates scent and awful taste from water. Additionally, region water now and then has an abundance of chlorine, which can cause terrible taste. This channel eliminates that as well.

Stage 4 – Advanced Recovery Technology

Water from pre carbon channel straightforwardly enters the ART chamber. The Advanced Recovery Technology guarantees twice water recuperation contrasted with normal RO water purifier by forestalling scale arrangement on the RO layer. Thus, it is great for the climate. This is a significant advance since the greatest hindrance of RO water purifiers is that it is a customary RO that can squander as much as 60 – 80% of water. Henceforth, this progression helps in forestalling this wastage.

Stage 5 – RO Filtration

RO filtration is the best technique to eliminate pollutants from water. The RO film is 0.00001 microns thick, which eliminates microbes, infections, yet additionally unsafe weighty metals, for example, Zinc, Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates, sulfates, and pesticides, which ordinary layers like UF/MF can’t take out.

Stage 6 – Min-Tech Filter

Min-tech channel is a mineralizer. This implies that it adds back fundamental minor components like magnesium and calcium. This is significant because RO cleaning eliminates minerals vital for a sound body. Henceforth, this mineralizer recharges the water with minerals.

Stage 7 – SAPC

SAPC is a carbon channel. This implies that it further eliminates terrible taste and scent and ‘cleans’ water.

Stage 8 – SCMT

The SCMT eliminates microorganisms and remaining pollutants from water in the last stage.


AO Smith water purifiers are the absolute best out there. Its 8-stage decontamination is all that could possibly be needed for filtering water effectively. Its SCMT innovation is superior to UF, MF, and UV. This innovation eliminates the vast majority of the contaminations alongside microorganisms. Notwithstanding, this tech is available just in AO Smith water purifiers.

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