By Our Reporter | Shillong, Aug 02, 2018: 

As hate comments, debates and discussions over the KHADC Lineage Bill continue in the real as well the virtual world, three prominent women activists on Thursday filed an FIR with the East Khasi Hills Police against certain individuals for inciting ‘death’ threats, usage of obscene languages, defaming, slandering and outraging the modesty of the trio on social media platforms.

CSWO President Agnes Kharshiing, renowned columnist and Editor of The Shillong Times Patricia Mukhim and TUR member Angela Rangad jointly lodged an FIR with Sadar Police Station through the SP of EKH today.

According to the FIR copy, it was alleged that one Banshan Nongtri has incited death threats amounting to spreading hate and incitement of terror against anyone opposing the KHADC Bill and also “wanting the KHADC to pass a bill to kill all those who ‘marry’ a non-tribal.”

The name of one Batskhemkupar Bonds Lanzer Thabah also featured in the FIR for allegedly inciting rape and use of obscene language on social media ‘with clear disrespect for woman’.

Furthermore, the FIR also alleged that the three women were slandered, defamed and their modesty outraged in the form of forward messages through Whatsapp.

“These posts incite hate and terror threats causing fear to all women of the society opposing the KHADC Bill 2018. Such posts encourage crime against women and children and if not stopped can lead to degradation of our matrilineal society,”  read the FIR.

The trio have demanded the immediate arrest of these individuals to bring about security for women facing slanderous, defamatory and terror threats through messages spread by these persons.

It may be mentioned that the Managing Editor of TNT-The Northeast Today was also subjected to online harassment for sharing an article, opposing the KHADC Bill on her Facebook timeline. An FIR in this regard will follow swiftly.

The KHADC’s Khasi Social Custom of Lineage Second Amendment 2018 says, “Any Khasi woman who marries a Non-Khasi as well as her offspring(s) born out of such marriage(s) shall be deemed as Non-Khasi who shall lose the Khasi status and all privileges and benefits as a member of the Khasi Tribe who cannot claim preferential privileges under any law.”




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